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Josh Konopka
Bloodspits Music

New Artists on the Rise

Wastefield Entertainment is a record label featuring up in coming rap artists Bloodspits and J.E.M.INI. MP Media has been their official partner in video production and motion graphics for two years, producing over 5 music videos, lyric videos, and motion graphics projects.


Wastefield asked us to build a motion graphics logo animation to be used as the introduction for all of their future music videos. We started in Cinema 4D by extruding the logo into a 3D object. After applying texture and color, the model was brought into After Effects to be animated. In order for the 3D logo to blend into 2D space, layers of video textures were composited to add dimension to the project. An appropriate background was selected and placed behind the finished animation. The video was then color corrected and an ambient soundtrack was added to polish off the video before it was delivered to Wastefield.

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